Shooting Simulator Hire

Shooting Simulator Hire

Get ready, aim and fire with our shooting simulator hire. Not only is the shooting simulator hire ideal for shotgun and rifle shooters, but pistol shooters too, making it a versatile piece of technology. The shooting simulator hire has up to 30 different game scenarios, allowing you to practice your shooting skills in different environments and stay in the same place. The simulator can be used indoors, so players can practice targets, clay shooting or the shooting practice of their choice, without having to travel far. From moving to stationary targets, the shooting simulator is suitable for a variety of different abilities, so everyone can take part in the activity. The simulator allows users to test their reaction and accuracy times and develop and improve their skills with each shot.

The lifelike audio and video backgrounds mean that those using the shooting simulator hire can feel as though they are outside taking part in real shooting activities, opposed to just being inside. The environment is fun but safe, so you can be sure that anyone using it will not get hurt and can just enjoy the shooting simulator hire. The recoil free weapons make for a safe and lifelike experience for everyone, which is why it has proven to be so popular with many customers.

If you are looking for entertainment for your event or, particularly a themed night, this simulator is ideal, especially if you are hosting a James Bond themed evening. You could even use it for traditional shooting events or an Olympic sports themed evening.

What’s Included With Shooting Simulator Hire?

As previously mentioned, the shooting simulator hire by PSW Events has proven to be a popular choice for many of our customers, and with over 15 fully interactive shooting games packages included, we can understand why. It comes with so many exciting key features, such as a scoring system, which allows users to make the simulator into a real competition.The screen is clear and high quality, making it easy for participants to see the clay or target they are shooting. The simulator is a real crowd pleaser, as spectators can gather around the simulator to watch user try for their personal best.

Why Choose PSW Events

If you decide to hire our shooting simulator hire, all you have to do is tell us a location, time and date and we will not only deliver it, but we will set it up and monitor it throughout the event too. This way you can rest assured that the simulator will run smoothly, and all health and safety regulations are met.

We have years of experience when it comes to simulator hire services, which is why we are reliable company to hire a simulator from. Regardless of the simulator you want to hire, our team will advise you on the best one for your event. If you would like more information about our shooting simulator hire or you want to book it for your event, get in touch with a member of our helpful team, today.

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