Ice Hockey Simulator Hire

Ice Hockey Simulator Hire

Bring the ice rink to your event, when you hire our interactive ice hockey simulator hire. With three games modes to choose from, players can take on the keeper in the game of their life! Whether players are experienced or have never played ice hockey before, the three skill levels allow all players to have a go.

Perfect for all event types due to the in-game advertising, which is ideal for companies looking to increase their brand awareness to the audience at the event. What’s more, the simulator has the option of 1 or 2 players, allowing those at the event to take on one another, creating a competitive and enjoyable atmosphere. The instant replay feature is perfect for watching back action shots and enabling players to adjust their play technique accordingly to improve their personal best.

The two environments available for play means that players can try their skills in different ice hockey arenas. Choosing between 5 world goalies, those brave enough to take them on, will have the opportunity to shoot against them in full size nets. For those experienced ice hockey players, the ice hockey simulator hire is the perfect way for them to showcase their skills, as well as practice accuracy. It also makes for a fun event, as other players can take them on and try to beat their score.
Ice Hockey Simulator Hire

Why Choose Ice Hockey Simulator Hire?

The in-game speed and location tracking are an excellent way for players to test their ability, with immediate feedback so players can alter how they are shooting in order to get a higher score. Interactive games allow those at the event to socialise and encourage one another to beat the keeper and do well. This is ideal for networking at a corporate event, as the ice hockey simulator hire will spark conversation, as players are tested on their speed and reflexes when they take on the target challenge.

Our sport simulators, from the football simulator to the cricket simulator, have the latest technology, so players can feel as though they are taking a shot in a real ice hockey match with the ice hockey simulator hire. Without any glitches or time-delays, the realistic simulators mean that the scores are correct, and players can get a real representation of their ability.

At PSW Events, all our simulators are set up by our team at your event. All you need to do is book the ice hockey simulator hire and we will arrive at your event at the specific time and date to ensure that it’s assembled correctly and accurately. Our experienced and friendly team will make sure that the simulator equipment runs seamlessly all day, so your event doesn’t face any interruptions or problems. For more information about our simulators, or to book one for your event, get in touch with a member of our expert team, today. We can answer any questions you have and check our availability for your simulator hire at your event.

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