Pit Stop Challenge Hire

Pit Stop Challenge Hire

Race against the clock in the pit stop challenge hire available at Using a replica F1 car, individuals and teams can go head to head changing the wheels on the fill size F1 car. With real car jacks, compressor and timing board, as well as real high-powered airguns, the pit stop challenge hire allows players to experience the accuracy and care needed by a pit stop crew to efficiently and seamlessly change the wheels on an F1 car in a race. One small mistake can cost the driver and the team the win, even if the mistake doesn’t even cost the team a second. So, put your nerve and precision to the test with the pit stop challenge hire at PSW Events.
Depending on how many players are going against each other in the pit stop challenge hire, they can choose between two wheel and the four-wheel head to head challenge. With a comprehensive safety briefing beforehand, the teams and individuals will have all the knowledge they need to do their best in the pit stop challenge hire.

Key Features

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Can you handle the pressure of the F1 pit stop challenge hire? Ideal for any event to create an atmosphere, as players get competitive to beat the other team and even their own high score. Due to the pit stop challenge using a replica F1 car, players can mirror the impressive speed and exactness F1 pit stop teams have mastered. What’s more, the size of the F1 cars will attract attendees of the event, so you can be sure that it will be a real crowd pleaser throughout the duration of the event, especially for those who are F1 fans.

The timing board will add intensity to the pit stop challenge hire, as players and their audience can see how much time they have left. The F1 pit stop challenge hire is suitable for any event, and is sure to create a talking point afterwards, as people remember the fun they had challenging one another with the F1 pit stop challenge hire.
At PSW Events, we will help with the smooth running of your event by setting up your F1 pit stop challenge hire for you. Simply tell us the time, date and location and we will ensure that we are there with plenty of time to get everything ready for players to enjoy the F1 pit stop challenge hire. Additionally, our experienced event entertainment hire team will help with the challenge all day, so all health and safety requirements are met, and technical difficulties won’t occur.