Cycling Simulator Hire

Cycling Simulator Hire

Cycling simulator hire combines your ability to go the distance and maintain a fast speed. Whether you’re competing in the Tour De France style race, on a Mountain Bike or you’re in the Velodrome racing, you will feel as though you are really there! The impressive graphics and sound effects that our cycling simulator hire uses allows for a realistic experience you will never forget. This simulator has proven to be firm favourite for a number of events, due to the positive and encouraging way for people to get fit and try a new sport. Due to the excitement and entertainment the cycling simulator hire brings, many forget they’re even cycling and enjoy the exercise with their colleagues.

Promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle is incredibly important, which is why our cycling simulators are so popular for so many companies and events. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist, or you’ve never sat on a bike, this sport simulator is perfect for all abilities and ages, as it integrates fun into a healthy workout that is beneficial for everyone.

Cycling Simulator Hire

Why Choose Cycling Simulator Hire From PSW Events?

At PSW Events, when you use our cycling simulator hire you can choose the terrain and destination that appeals most to you and push yourself to complete the race, course or distance in the best time possible. Due to the automated resistance system, we are able to fully recreate realistic weather conditions, making the cycle as real as it gets without being outside.

Our cycling simulator allows you to tackle some of the most renowned courses and races that you would never normally get the chance to do. This exciting, yet challenging experience brings people together as you motivate one another to get the best result you possibly can.

If you are hosting an event, our cycling simulator hire is ideal! With the simulators set up next to one another, cyclists can encourage each other and feel as if they are really in a race or attempting a timed Velodrome circuit. The bicycle is perfectly safe and to ensure that the cycling simulator hire meets all the required health and safety regulations, our team will set up the equipment and monitor it throughout the day. With the wheels fixed in place, the users of the simulator can pedal as fast and hard as they can, whether they are going uphill or downhill with the realistic simulation that is in place. In front of the bike, either a large 42-inch Plasma or a large 2.5m screen allows spectators and users of cycling simulator hire to see where they are going and how successful they are.

Due to the up to 8-way multi-player race option, an excellent atmosphere can be created around the simulator, as multiple people can go head to head in the big race! Additionally, if a solo player is going against the clock, a crowd can gather around the cyclist to cheer them on as they sprint for the line!

Whether it’s golf, F1 or football, at PSW Events we have years of experience with simulators and have been providing them for corporate events for years. We can advise you on the best simulator for your event and work with you on the day of the event to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you would like any further information about our cycling simulator hire, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team, today!

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