Electronic Leaderboard Hire

Electronic Leaderboard Hire

Whether you have hired our F1 simulator, racing seat simulator or our driver training simulator, our electronic leaderboard hire is perfect for showing team and individual scores, which can regularly update throughout the event. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, regardless of the simulator you choose, you can bring more excitement to your event and the players can get more competitive throughout the day as the scores get updated on the screen.

With the electronic leaderboard hire, players are able to see how close their score is to their competitor, which will encourage them to use the simulator again and again to push the top player offer poll position and improve their own score. With a data capture facility, the system in the electronic leaderboard hire can store email addresses, phone numbers and any additional information, so you can contact the players in the future with upcoming events, deals and focus on them with an email marketing campaign.

What’s more, due to the fine-tuned technology in the electronic leaderboard, you can be sure that all the scores on the electronic leaderboard hire are accurate, meaning there will be no contentions later in the day. Electronic leaderboard hire engages the crowd at the event, as they can clearly see the scores getting closer and players knock each other off of the top positions.

Why Choose Electronic Leaderboard Hire For Your Event?

Not only does electronic leaderboard hire add an additional visual aspect to your event, drawing players in, but each leaderboard available for hire can be customised. This means that you can implement your branding onto the electronic leaderboard hire, which will help with brand awareness and advertisement, as players will associate your company with a positive and enjoyable experience.

You can choose the layout of the design on the screen of the electronic leaderboard, so it looks aesthetically appealing and matches the theme of your branding. In fact, you can even add your logo, your website and contact details or social media platforms you are available on, allowing players to get in touch or follow you online with ease after the event.
Electronic Leaderboard Hire

The Benefits Of Choosing PSW Events For Electronic Leaderboard Hire

Our team at PSW Events have years of experience with simulators, delivering an unparalleled service to our customers and ensuring every event runs smoothly with the help of our simulator hire. Regardless of your event, we can help you to find a suitable simulator for hire and will even set it up for you. During the booking process simply tell us the location, time and date of your event and we will be there before it starts to ensure that everything is set up and ready to go. What’s more, our team will help to make sure that the simulator runs seamlessly throughout the duration of your event and it continues to meet all health and safety regulations, so you don’t have to worry.

Add an electronic leaderboard to your simulator hire booking and bring the exciting atmosphere to your event! For more information, get in touch with our team at PSW Events, today.

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