Helicopter Simulator Hire

Helicopter Simulator Hire

At PSW Events, we have available one of the most impressive mobile helicopter simulators, as it gives you the opportunity to have the most realistic flight experience without being aboard a real aircraft. In fact, due to the professional features, you will feel every movement of the simulators as if it was really flying.

Our helicopter simulator hire has a number of key features, including weather modelling which means that it enables the passenger to feel as if they are flying in those weather conditions, as well as simulated system failures which allows new and existing pilots to train and learn to react accordingly. This helicopter simulator hire is ideal for those learning to fly as one of our key features is instructor-controlled conditions, so they can be taught as they fly

Key Features

Why You Should Choose Helicopter Simulator Hire From PSW Events

Whether you want to hire our existing helicopter simulator, or you want your own customised aircraft, at PSW Events we can help. Our helicopter simulator hire is so high-tech, which makes it perfect for upcoming pilots. It’s a great tool for pilots to practice, but also for those who want to explore flight dynamics of aircrafts.

Learning to fly a helicopter around different regions will help the new pilot, as well as pushing pilots to tackle different locations and face different obstacles; our most worthwhile exercise is a take-off and landing experience. As it benefits both civilians and the military, this simulator demonstrates that it’s multi-purpose and worth hiring.

Our Helicopter Simulator

For those who aren’t learning to fly an aircraft, our helicopter simulator hire is also great as people can experience flying without being qualified to do so. The videos on the screens that you watch are so accurate of the location, that the person in the simulator will generally feel as if they are flying the aircraft in the helicopter simulator hire. What’s more, the simulator is positioned an exact distance from the screens, so the pilot wouldn’t realise that they’re not flying a helicopter.

If you choose to hire our helicopter simulator hire, we will take any stress away by delivering, setting up and even operating the simulator for you to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the event. Simply give us a time, date and location and we will do the rest. For more information about our helicopter simulator hire, get in touch and we can discuss the package that suits your requirements.