Rugby Simulator Hire

Rugby Simulator Hire

Join your favourite team, kick conversions and take on our rugby simulator hire. This popular simulator has proven to be a firm favourite amongst many customers holding events, due to it being a stadium environment replicate. Whether players want to play as an individual to beat their own score, or they want to challenge an opponent, they can watch their performance back on instant replay. What’s more, the post-game analysis included with the rugby simulator hire means that players can receive feedback of their technique and alter it accordingly to achieve a higher score.

Why Our Rugby Simulator Hire Is Popular For Events

At PSW Events, our rugby simulator hire comes with high score tracking, as well as boost adjustment so players can easily find out how impressive their skills are and try to beat their original score. All the key features of the simulator make it an innovative piece of equipment, which is why it is highly sought after. In order to ensure that the day runs smoothly, and the rugby simulator is fully enjoyed, our team will not only set the equipment at the event, but they will monitor it all day too.
Rugby Simulator Hire

How Does Rugby Simulator Hire Work?

Rugby Simulator Hire
Branded Inflatable Event Structure

When players step up to take a conversion, the stadium atmosphere surrounding them will create an excited energy; they will feel as if they are actually on the pitch! The aim of the game is simple; kick the ball between the posts to score a conversion. As the players kick the ball, the in-game speed and location tracking kicks in to allow players to enjoy a realistic experience. Not only is the rugby simulator hire popular for those playing it, but it’s great entertainment for spectators too as it creates an exciting atmosphere.

At PSW Events, we pride ourselves on delivering a simulator that offers entertainment at any event. The rugby simulator hire is perfect for sport fanatics, as it allows rugby fans to play in the stadium of their choice and beat their personal score. Rugby simulator hire is ideal for training in addition to playing games, making it a versatile piece of high-tech equipment.

The in-game advertising makes rugby simulator hire perfect for events, as companies can increase their brand awareness and promote their business to those playing the game. The positive correlation between the entertainment of the rugby simulator hire and your business, will help your brand to grow.

Rugby Simulator

So, whether you want to hack the Haka, or score your first conversion, our rugby simulator hire is perfect for you to try and even have at your event. If you would like more information about simulator hire from PSW Events, get in touch with our expert team. We have years of experience providing simulators for events; from football to golf and even a helicopter simulator, so we can advise you on the perfect simulator for your event that will meet your specific requirements. Book your simulator, today!

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